A woman feels regal, confident  and empowered wearing the Kapemonos and she feels all eyes on her.

Kerry Scott, the visionary behind Global Glam Kapemono, embarked on her journey fueled by a passion for fashion and makeup. With nearly two decades of experience as a professional makeup artist for esteemed brands like Giorgio Armani Beauty, NARS, and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Kerry’s keen eye for color and texture led her to explore the realms of design and creativity.

Hi, I’m Kerry

At 22, an enlightening photoshoot draped in full makeup sparked my passion for beauty and makeup artistry. That day, a divine revelation led me to realize my mission: enhancing beauty as a form of service. My journey began with prestigious brands like Nars, Bobbi Brown, and Giorgio Armani Cosmetics. As a makeup artist, I cherished the intimate moments with clients, using them as opportunities to share inspirational messages.

Transitioning from makeup, my creative spirit was captured by the concept of Kapemono—a fusion of capes and kimonos. As the founder of Global Glam, I’m proud to offer these reversible, African-inspired Kapemonos. Crafted from audacious West African prints in a medley of finishes, these versatile pieces are designed to be essentials in any fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe.

Life as a foreign service officer’s spouse has taken me across continents. During our stay in Accra, Ghana, the local tapestry of colors and textiles mesmerized me. Market visits evolved into a creative outlet, leading me to fashion unique pieces for myself and eventually others, starting in January 2016. Juggling three young children, including twins, I built an inventory, initially hesitant to reveal it to the world. Embracing courage, I launched my collection, and the overwhelming adoration it received affirmed my path.

My husband’s assignments allowed me to explore fabric markets in Lagos, Nigeria, returning with empty suitcases soon filled with Ghanaian treasures. Merging these finds, I created distinctive West African pieces—no two alike. My clients’ countless compliments continue to validate my work’s impact. The brand grew organically, and in 2017, our move to Shanghai led to the inclusion of Asian textiles, enhancing the Kapemono line’s global appeal.

The journey is far from over. With each country we call home, I anticipate enriching Global Glam’s diversity, always with the commitment to making people feel beautiful.

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